*~My Poems~*


W ith needs so deep
            that aches are raging deep inside the heart
A  t the deepest part,
            where no one wants to give life to, for one's sanity
N  othing done for them, the help in times of need,
            seemed to have been not enough to ease
T  hroughout the years,
            all is seen as "coming apart"
E  ndless prayers,
            offering the pains for GOD'S GLORY
D  id nothing to help them, even feel a hint of human pity,
            for the one who's needs to be eased!
~In need of respect made my soul write this to paper!
I wrote it on June 13, 2005 at 1:32 AM~
~This poem will published in a book
"Eternal Portraits" in the Fall of 2005, and will be included in a CD titled "The Sound of Poetry",
a 3-CD set also in the Fall of 2005.  It also received an "Editor's Choice Award presented in August 2005~


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