*~My Poems~*

~That First CHRISTMAS~

~Three days after Christmas, I was reflecting about its meaning, and this is what came up~

That first CHRISTMAS

The world, created by HIM The ONE who wanted all to be like HIM
HIS plan was full of love
Wanting mankind to be like those above
Creation began, Oh, how HE saw it all good
Everything HE made quickly understood
That once created, knew, would be in constant motion
But human-ness entered, with all its commotion
Knowing the law of good and evil
Self loving became the peril,
One generation after another
Centuries at his hand would suffer
Because of him, hatred and self satisfaction became the norm
But LOVE was regained, that early Morn
As written, a CHILD would come, to regain HIS likeness
And HE came, our SAVIOR, on that first CHRISTMAS

Bebianne G. Clavette

Copyright ©2005 Bebianne G Clavette

~Again, I was informed that this poem will be published in a book titled:
"Immortal Verses" in the Winter of 2007.
I'm touched about this honor.~


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