*~My Poems~*

~Never Alone~

~Never Alone~

~I composed this poem on September 6, 2006.
A sudden remembering of


like I used to see in my first grade's catechism book,
that had a big graphic in its first page
of a triangle with a big 'starring' eye in it.
Our teacher, a nun, told us that it was God's eye
who was always watching, and seeing
the good and the bad things we were doing.
I vividly remember how I would quickly pass that page as fast as I could
because I was afraid of that eye starring at me, it felt so creepy.
I didn't understand what a Triune/Trinity was
and always wondered why the eye was in a triangle.
I now know that the eye represents God's
"watching" over us, not "starring/peeking" on us.
As I was reminiscing this Truine EYE this poem tumbled out.
I am most grateful knowing that this eye graphic represents
GOD / PAPA DIEU watching over me,
I feel safe as I continue this journey to HIM.~

~I am so touched that again another poem I composed will be printed in a book and recorded in a CD.
This poem will be included in a book titled
"The International Who's Who in Poetry" in 2007, also,
I was informed that it will recorded in the
"Sound of Poetry" collection CD in 2007.~


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