*~My Poems~*

~My Cup Runeth Over~

~Ever since I am receiving my Social Security monthly check I keep saying that my cup runneth over because I do not have to depend on my husband to give me money to buy something I need or would like to have,
now I just go and buy it without having to ask.
There were times I had to plead for money and now I do not have to, how grateful I am for that.
What a blessing!
Then reflecting on other ways that my cup overflows made me think of how
I am Loved by PAPA DIEU even in times I feel HE is not near.
I decided to put this poem together in order to Thank HIM for all he has given me, all my life.
This is also for you to reflect on what you will read because this poem can be your own also,
it can be everybody because this is what HE does for us.
Happy reading and reflection ..., and, if it touched you,
Thank HIM for that!~


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