*~My Poems~*

~Mother Is Gone~

~My mother died on July 15th, 2005. 
On July 19th I composed this poem in her honor~

June 21, 2005
~Mother had a very hard life of 92 plus years.  She raised eight children in a very poor environment,
but our home never looked poor because she was an immaculately clean housewife. 
She didn't know how to read nor write, but, I showed her how to write her name when I was in my first elementary school years, but, one could never, ever fool her with numbers.
She sowed almost all our clothes, especially the girl's.  She was a renowned cook, no cookbook for her, it was all from memory, and every person that ate her food always came back for more.
She died of complications of cancer that was generalized by the time she found out on June 16th 2005.  The cancer had grown so much in her esophagus that she had a hard time breathing in the end, but we could not see that she had a hard time breathing.  Also the top part of her left lung was dead to cancer, and her heart was now in a bag full of water that was squeezing her heart more and more.
 She died in her sleep, just like she had prayed for, she had told me that, again, week before.
  In the last twenty five years of her life, she was macular- degeneration blind, and was almost deaf.
I took that picture of her on June 21st, 2005 six days after she found out that she had cancer, and she had made me laugh that day and I asked her if I could take a picture of her and she said yes, but she was sad in three previous pictures I had taken, so I told her to say Peanut Butter, she thought a couple seconds and then gave me that great big smile while saying it.  She wore those blue colored sun glasses because they made her eyes hurt less.
She always had that safety pin full of Medals, at least ten of them, all the time.  She'd take it off at night and pined it on her nightgown.  When we were young she'd wear it on her bra.  She was a very religious person, although she rarely attended Mass.  Her life was full of miracles after miracles, and she'd tell them all to her children once in a while.
She died the way she always asked for and that is another miracle in her last hours.
I thank PAPA DIEU for having heard and answered her prayers.
May she fully rest in HIS PEACE forever, now!~
The yellow Roses, we only found out at the end that they were her favorite flower.~


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